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Our Mission

At PFS our mission is to serve as a one-stop solution for tower and vessel maintenance with the highest degree of safety, quality and execution. We strive to achieve the maximum level in client satisfaction through our commitment to having zero incidents and zero re-work. Our experienced team members exemplify professionalism through their timely and effective completion of tower and vessel turnaround projects.

Our Team

At Petrochem Field Services, Inc., our management and supervisory teams average over 20 years of experience in tower and vessel maintenance, fabrication, modification and internal installations. Our successful execution of projects for companies such as ExxonMobil, Shell Oil, ConocoPhillips, Valero, Motiva Enterprises and S&B Engineering, along with an OSHA incidence rate well below the industry average, have resulted in continuing repeat business from these and others, both in the United States and internationally. All of this would be impossible without our highly skilled team; it is the people that make PFS what it is.
refinery tower


  • Sergio Sanchez – President
  • Barry Brown – Vice President, Operations
  • Jack E. Leal – Chief Financial Officer
  • Fred Harwood – Safety and Health Director
  • Alex Sanchez and Alonzo Perez – Personnel Managers
  • Orlando Lopez, Sr. – Business Development/Marketing
  • David Bourgeois – Purchasing Manager
  • Nancy Vera – Project Administrator
  • Luis Gonzalez – Accounts Payable Administrator
  • Minerva Ramos – HR / Payroll Assistant
  • Andrés Herrera – International Finance Manager
  • Michael J. Bless – Controller
  • Rafael Campos – Technical Manager
  • James Ramos – QC Manager

PFS Field Supervisory Team

  • Agustin Castelano, QC
  • Jose Cedillo
  • Pedro Davila
  • Francisco Duran
  • Jerry Garcia
  • Oscar Hernandez
  • Jesse Hinojosa
  • Ricardo Hernandez
  • Gabriel Lopez
  • Richard Lopez
  • Adrian Muniz
  • Eddie Perez
  • Lou Sanchez
  • Candelario Roman